An Introduction to the Carbon Removal Blog

When I tell my friends and family that I want to help build the emerging industry of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), the response I get most often is, “what is CDR?” Even those familiar with CDR frequently give me a quizzical look when I mention this ambition, and they challenge why I want to work in CDR instead of in one of the industries more commonly associated with mitigating climate change (like renewable energy or energy efficiency).

This blog is my attempt to answer those questions and challenges. I hope to present the latest CDR research, policy, and industry trends in a way that is accessible to a non-technical audience. In the process, I hope to understand and explain:

  1. How CDR fits into the overall picture of preventing climate change; and
  2. What actions private, public, and civil sector actors can take to help to develop CDR solutions

I will consider this blog successful if it:

  1. Helps elevate CDR into the mainstream discussion of how our society can mitigate climate change; or
  2. Helps disabuse me of my notion that CDR does in fact belong in this discussion

So welcome to the Carbon Removal Blog! Please let me know how I can make this blog as useful to you as possible, and any other suggestions you may have.


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