Weekend Assorted Links and Thoughts

From the Lima Climate Negotiations:It is already the time for negative emissions from developed countries.” I’d expect CDR to play a larger and larger role in how we allocate the remaining “carbon budget” in future international climate negotiations.

Tribal lands: vital carbon sinks? The voices and perspectives of indigenous people is largely absent in the conversation on CDR today — it would benefit everyone if this changed ASAP.

Space travel / CDR overlap: NASA has been doing CDR for decades — sure it’s at a tiny scale, but a shared research agenda between space- and environment-focused laboratories could generate big wins for each side. Plus space ventures could be a great early customer for emerging CDR startups…

CDR still disappointingly absent from CCS conversation: “”There’s no reason to go for CCS,” said Martin Kaiser of Greenpeace, which wants to phase out fossil fuels.” Well, actually is a good reason for Greenpeace to support CCS: bio-CCS is a great renewable option… and the IPCC says it will likely be required to prevent climate change.

and CDR is still disappointingly conflated with geoengineering in mass media: Great to see Newsweek talking about some of the CDR approaches, but as long as mitigation is talked about separately from geoengineering, so too should CDR. All that this conflation achieves is to get sensible people to cast off CDR in its entirety

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