Exciting blog news: Everything and the Carbon Sink is Moving to the Center for Carbon Removal!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that this blog will be moving to the Center for Carbon Removal at: http://www.centerforcarbonremoval.org/blog!

The Center for Carbon Removal is a new environmental NGO dedicated to accelerating the development of carbon removal solutions (many of which have been featured here on this blog!). Carbon-removing farms, energy systemsbuildings, and manufacturing facilities — among many others — hold enormous potential to transform the global economy to be more sustainable. The Center for Carbon Removal is a first-of-its-kind effort to unlock this potential through research and analysis, event organization, and information/communication campaigns focusing on carbon removal solutions.

My posting frequency has been slower than I’d like over the past few months as I’ve worked with an amazing team of advisers and partners to get the Center ready for launch, but our team at the Center plans to post content with greater frequency on the new site. What’s more, out website (www.centerforcarbonremoval.org) aims to provide our community with a growing range of tools to continue the dialogue on carbon removal, discover new information about promising carbon removal solutions, and share information with other communities that are passionate about sustainability, fighting climate change, and cleantech entrepreneurship.

So please check out our new site, give us feedback and engage in conversation, share resources you think are useful, and help us grow our community by spreading the word on carbon removal via Twitter (@CarbonRemoval) and Facebook!


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